What's Sexual about Abuse?

"Inside every pearl is a secret. Inside every pearl is pain.” With that intriguing beginning, Theo Selles takes you on a compassionate, yet firm and clear program of recovery from loss and shame. The goals: An end to the sexualization of abuse and the complete reclamation of your life.

 Do you want to know why it is wrong to refer to rape and molestation as “sexual” abuse? Do you want to learn how to rid yourself of guilt, shame, fear, anger, and pain? Do you want to know why it is not the  type of abuse that determines its harm? Wouldn’t it be a relief to cleanse your life of the contaminating effects of abuse and be able to love, fully and freely?

 Read this book if you have been violated or if you want to know how to support someone who has been abused. With a tough yet sensitive approach, Theo will guide you to the heart of your pain, help eradicate it, and leave beauty, strength, and love in its place.