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The mail order version of The Heart of the Pearl costs $12.00 plus ยข60 GST and $4.10 shipping anywhere in Canada (Total: $16.70) or $12.00 plus $10.30 shipping to the U.S. (Total: $22.30). Please make payment to Theo Selles. Send to: The Heart of the Pearl Book Order. Box 3036 Prince Albert, ON. Canada. L9L-1C1.


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You can purchase the Ebook version of The Heart of the Pearl for $3.99 at Smashwords. Just click on link and register:

Author's note: I have kept the cost of this book as low as I can in the hope that it will thus more readily find its way into the hands, hearts, and heads of people who need it. The shipping cost is exactly what Canada Post charges me.